May 16, Valley Forge National Park, PA

Huge national park where Washington and his army encamped for the winter of 1777.  Rolling fields and woods, with replicas of the log cabins the troops built for shelter, spread out by state brigade throughout the park.  They started with over 12,000 men, but by May only 6,000 were alive and in fighting condition.  Troops were outfitted by their states, so the northern  troops were better equipped – coats, boots, etc. According to the film in the Visitors’ Center, the winter was mostly rainy, not the deep snow legend we learned in school.   Disease and lack of supplies (food) were the main  problems.   Massachusetts had the biggest force.  There are monuments throughout the park commemorating the encampment for each state.

And deer are as plentiful as squirrels in the suburbs!

We hiked up to the clearing on Mount Joy, then around the “mount”.


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