White Mountains! October 15-16

Amazing scene – Crawford Notch foliage just past peak color.  Still lots of gold, orange, a little sugar maple red still left, and with a dusting of snow!  Swaths of orange, with a snow-capped Mt. Washington rising above the color.  We stayed at the Highland House Lodge, an Appalachian Mountain Club facility. Drive up to the door (not backpack up – whew!).  Luxurious for rustic.  Family style dinners.  Food plentiful and not bad, except for the vegetarian clumps.  Aside from the views, one of the Lodge’s neatest features is the LLBean room – a lending library of boots, snowshoes, trecking poles, jackets, gloves, hats, and so much more – in every size, shape.  I liked the trecking poles and hiking boots, although the boots are SO HEAVY my legs got more of a workout than I was prepared for.

Friday night treat, we’re sitting at dinner, nearly done, talking with the folks at our table, when we hear some quiet singing from the next table.  Sounds familiar…   it’s Kiddush!!!  And who’s at that table?  TAS’s Jordan Leff and a crowd of Yavneh alumni – Jewish Georgraphy all around.  We stayed and chatted, and joined in Birkat Hamazon. Funny, drive 3 hours north to hang out with Jordan who lives 3 blocks away!

And the spectacle, the experience of hiking in the White Mountains in October – talk about my feet praying! Well, the feet may have been praying, but I was groaning.


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