Sunset Lake in F. Gilbert Hills State Forest, Foxboro – 5/31/10

We circumnavigated Sunset Lake. Lovely woods, with lots of Pink Lady Slippers, the ruins of a 2-chimney stone foundation , and lily pads galore.  Plus frogs.


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    matt said,

    may i ask where the tall stone structures were located around the lake? very nice find.

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      halperns said,

      Matt, There’s a dam at that end of the southeast finger of Sunset Lake, where folks fish off Granite Street, and a building on the right of that dam (can’t remember if it’s a house, or maybe a function hall). If you head in on the trail, between the lake and that building, keeping the lake on your left, you’ll soon hit those stone ruins. We started our hike around the lake going the other way (clockwise), so the ruins were at the end of our hike. If you can figure out the history of that site, we’d love to hear it!

  2. 3

    matt said,

    Thanks you! Im going out today to go out today to take a look. I found small 10 x 12 foundations with no chimneys yesterday. If you have not already seen this site, areas of the forest people speculate may have been inhabitated by celts predating columbus. Possibly I will vist the library and updated you with any more information if I can find it.
    the map section has an interactive map with photos

  3. 4

    Martin said,

    Was that House the Barton House? (Not Clara by the way)

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