Yellowstone, Day 3

Canyon day! Stopped at Virginia Cascade. Then on to the Canyon Visitor Center. Hiked the South Rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, from the Upper Falls overlook to Artists’ Point. Hitchhiked back to 1st overlook, then hiked Uncle Tom’s Trail down over 500 feet into the canyon, 328 metal steps for closer view of Lower Falls.

North Rim Drive to Brink of Upper Falls overlook, Brink of Lower Falls overlook, then Lookout Point and Inspiration Point.

Drove north to Tower/Roosevelt, over scary cliff-edge windy drive. Took dirt Chittendon Rd, even scarier, up towards Mt. Washburn. Great views of valleys, mountains, fires.  Continued north to Tower Falls, cute compared to the Falls in the Canyon. Then headed east through the Lamar Valley. Saw herds of bison, and photographers with huge zoom lenses who were seeing wolves in the valley. Went out the Northeast Entrance into Cooke City, got coffee & snacks, then turned around to drive 100 miles  from the Northeast Entrance to the West Entrance at W. Yellowstone.


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