Yellowstone, Day 4

Geysers! started along the Old Faithful stretch. Took Firehole Canyon Drive, along the Firehole River to Firehole Falls, where the fish were jumping. Then hit the Upper Geyser Basin, featuring Old Faithful. Watched the eruption with about 150 other  viewers. Ranger told us that the crowd for an eruption in July had about 4,000 viewers. Hiked Geyser Hill, out to Morning Glory Pool. Passed lots of big geyers – Castle, Grand, Giant, Grotto, Daisy – we’d either missed their most recent eruption, were expected to erupt at night, or were unpredictable. Impressive, nonetheless. Clouds finally rolled in, and we got caught in a heavy downpour near Grotto. Umbrella & ponchos helped a lot. kept hiking, viewing. Still no eruptions.

Walked  back to Old Faithful Inn – seems constructed entirely out of natural logs.  Drove on to Black Sand Basin, more thermal features. Then drove to Biscuit Basin, but rain had returned. Sat in the car to watch the steam.

Driving back to W. Yellowstone, took the Firehole Lake Drive, across from Fountain Paint Pots. Lovely little road with Great Fountain, Firehole Lake, and White Dome geyser.

The payoff for the rain? Full out rainbow, entire arc, and it’s a double! After a day of admiring the bizarre sights the ground had to offer, the sky responded with an amazing “Look what I can do.”

Back to town. Had dinner at Bullwinkle’s, surrounded by TVs tuned to Monday Night Football. Sat with Jets fan & a fishing buddy. Patriots beat Dolphins, 41-14.


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