Yellowstone, Day 5

Heading to Yellowstone Lake. Take Fountain Flat Drive, park at trailhead and hike to Ojo Caliente Hot Spring, then across the river to an undeveloped, unboardwalked thermal area – Pocket Basin. Walk up close to hot springs, steamers, along the river. We’ve got the place all to ourselves.

Back to civilization. Fountain Paint Pots, a boardwalked nature trail through geysers, with a school field trip. Keep on driving, find Kepler Cascade, another beautiful waterfall, all to ourselves.

Drive to Lake Yellowstone, north along the western shore, up to Fishing Bridge, viewing thermal features along the way. Stop by closed-for-the-season Lake Yellowstone Hotel, then east to Steamboat Point, another big thermal along the lake. Lunch at a picnic table on a deserted beach behind the closed Fishing Bridge Visitor Center.  Head north, stop at LeHardy’s Rapids, on to Mud Volcano – Dragon Mouth Spring and other weird thermals.

Up to Canyon again, for another peak at Artists’ Point. Driving back, stop to walk around Biscuit Basin.

Into town, watch the Yellowstone IMAX movie. KFC for dinner.


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