Yellowstone National Park, Day 2

First full day. Oatmeal & coffee in the condo. Drove from West Yellowstone to Madison Junction in the park up to Norris Geyser Basin. Stopped at Monument Trail bridge over the Gibbon River. Then up to Artists’ PaintPots geyser field. Amazed by steam clouds, bubbling pools of mud and boiling water. Then on to Norris Geyser – Back Basin with steaming Steamboat Geyser, then on to Porcelain Basin. Black Geyser Steam Vent, colorful thermophiles (bacteria) living in the boiling streams.

Then north to Mammoth Hot Springs, past Obsidian Cliffs, Golden Gate overlook, Bunsen Peak. At Mammoth, Pallette Spring is the prettiest. Elk at Angel Terrace. Drove back towards W. Yellowstone, stopping at Roaring Mountain, hiked at Harlequin Lake, then The Outpost for dinner.  Salad bar, beef stew, chicken parm, strawberry rhubard pie so yummy it was gone before we remembered to take a picture.


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