Yellowstone, Day 6

Northward, ho!  Drove back up through Mammoth Hot Springs, took the old stage coach dirt road up to Gardiner, MT, to see the North Entrance with the historic Roosevelt stone arch, dedicated by Teddy Roosevelt in 1903.  Then back to Mammoth, and East towards Tower/Roosevelt. Saw Undine Falls, hiked 1/2 mile to little Wraith Falls, drove to the fenced off Petrified Tree (protecting what’s left of a 3-tree stand from souvenir-collectors).

East at Tower, crossed the Yellowstone River to a picnic area. Hiked up along the rim of the Yellowstone River to the Narrows, and Calcite Springs Cliff.  We had the entire hike to ourselves, until we passed one other couple heading up on our return. Oh, and some skeletal remains of some large animal.

Stopped at Bridge with a crowd – saw our first black bear!  Drove South, stopped at the Calcite Springs Cliff overlook, across from the ridge we had just hiked.  Took the scary windy south road, over Dunraven Pass, into heavy rain and hail – had to stop at the hairpin turn to wait it out. Drove back to the condo, first time we got there before sunset. Back to Outpost for dinner – trout and fish & chips.


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