Yellowstone/Teton, Day 8

Heading home. Up at 5:00, out by 6:00,  Through Yellowstone in the dark, barely any other vehicles. Stop at Lewis Falls, 30 ft. One last lovely spot in Yellowstone as a grey dawn breaks. And we find a dollar on the overlook! [we were so busy ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at the views from the overlooks all week, that we coined a new word – ooo-verlook]

Into the Tetons, all obscured by fog and clouds, occasional rain. Then, as if on cue, the clouds lift by Jackson Lake to show off the mountain peaks floating between cloud layers. Stop along Jenny Lake Drive, and hike for an hour along String Lake – but the clouds had settled back down – lovely spot, but we could have been in the Blue Hills. Continue drive to Jackson, return car, van to airport.  Jackson Hole to Denver to Chicago to Boston.  Land at midnight, home by 1:30 am. What a country, what a planet.  Shehechiyanu.


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