Danforth Museum 2-20-11

Visited the Danforth Museum in Framingham for the first time. Small Museum, really just one floor. Only an hour to look at every piece, read every info card. The round-trip commute took longer, but driving through Sherborn and Medfield is scenic.

Three main exhibits were:

  • sculpture by Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller (1877-1968), an African American woman sculptor who studied under Auguste Rodin in Paris, then settled in Framingham. The Danforth has maybe the largest collection of her works, including a model for her “Spirit of Emancipation” statue. The actual statue is at Harriet Tubman Park in Boston’s South End.  Have to add that to our spring walking tour of Boston sculpture.
  • Boston Expressionism.  Did you know there was a vibrant Jewish art scene in Boston’s West End before the war? David Aronson, Hyman Bloom, Jack Levine, and more were doing representational painting. I think I read that Jackson Pollock credited the Boston Expressionism movement with opening the way for his Abstract Expressionism.
  • Native American crafts, including Kaschina spirit dolls.

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