Jamaica! March 2011 Part 1

Our first ever all-inclusive resort – Breezes Runaway Bay, between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Food, drinks, 3 pools, 3 jacuzzis, 5 restaurants, gorgeous beach, 3 bars (including a swim-up), balcony room, boring weather (high of 80, low of 70 every day). Fun & games, reggae soundtrack, beach & pool volleyball, no kids, destination weddings. Amazingly friendly, can’t-do-enough-for-you staff. Non-stop mango smoothies, with and without rum. We were afraid it would feel confining, crowded, all the bad parts of a cruise, but on land. So wrong! If you’re looking for a RELAXING vacation, it’s the way to go. We met folks who were there for their 3rd, 4th, 7th time.

Took one excursion to Duns River Falls with a group. Fast climb, barely time to look around. Already looking forward to next time, and we’ll hire a cab and go on our own, and to the Bob Marley Museum, too. No problem, man!

Amazing island, goes from sea level to 8,000 foot mountain range.  Flowers, palms, fruit, green, more flowers. Only use for long-sleeves was as sun-burn protection or in an air-conditioned restaurant. Winter, what winter?


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