Warner Trail, Sharon – 4/30/11

Another new (to us) hike in Sharon. We’d noticed a trail marker on the side of Norwood St. (Rte. 27) across from Bullard St. and the nursing home. Parked along the road, then hiked in. Marker says it’s the Warner Trail. Nice woodsy hike, with some very old stone walls, some toppled, some intact. Trail comes out to the powerlines, but it was pretty swampy there so we didn’t cross to where the trail continues.

Found www.warnertrail.org –  The Warner Trail “stretches more than 30 miles from Sharon, MA, to the Diamond Hill State Park in Cumberland, RI. The trail passes through Sharon, Foxboro, Wrentham, Plainville, and Cumberland. The possibility of establishing a woodland trail connecting the southerly fringe of the Boston area with the trail system in Rhode Island was first envisioned by Appalachian Mountain Club members, Charles H. Warner and John Hudson, prior to World War II.”

That site has a very detailed trail guide – could we do the entire Warner Trail? We’ve already seen parts of it near the old Kendall Whaling Museum, Moose Hill, and Gilbert Hills in Foxboro.


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