Long Way to King Phillip’s Rock – 5-14-11

Another section of trail we’d never hiked before. Parked in the little lot at the intersection of Lakeview & Morse. Crossed the meadow to the yellow trail markers towards King Phillip’s Rock (more quickly reached by parking at Mansfield St.). Metacom, aka King Phillip, son of Massasoit and leader of the natives’ rebellion against the Pilgrims might have met with fellow tribesmen there in plotting “King Phillip’s Rebellion.”  Red markers lead to the day camp.

The trail was fun, through a variety of ecosystems from meadow to swamp to brook to pine forest, crisscrossed by old stone walls – we  crossed Canoe River, which may be more of a series of brooks, or general swampiness – doesn’t look like a river there, certainly not for canoeing. There were about 20 boards to walk on, crossing the brooks, pools, etc. Wobbly narrow boards, one foot in front of the other, making the boardwalks at Moose Hill look like a superhiway. Surrounded by rich foliage – skunk cabbage, little purple flowers, moss, and an occasional splash of something jumping in the brook. Plus our first mosquitos of the season.

Didn’t bring the map. Very grateful to a James Michael III who put up a lot of the signs and trail markers as part of his Eagle Scout project in 2002. Yellow blazes and signs appeared each time we began to wonder”how much further?” or if we’d missed a turn.  Another not-a-soul-around hike, until we crossed paths with a three-some heading towards KP Rock as we were heading back. Glad others are enjoying Sharon’s hidden gems.

Total hiking time – almost 2 hours.


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