Quincy Quarries – 6-26-11

We visited a local historic site none of us had ever seen before – the Quincy Quarries on the edge of the Blue Hills Reservation. The state’s Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) brochure headlines the history paragraphs “Taken for Granite.” The quarrying industry began here in 1825 – and the Quincy granite was used in the Bunker Hill Monument, the Boston Customs House, and in New Orleans and San Francisco. The country’s first railroad was built here, to move the granite.

The last active quarry here closed in 1963. Water began to seep into the quarry pits, creating nearly 300-foot deep pools, drawing cliff divers and rock climbers.  So many people died that most of the pits were drained, and filled in with dirt from the Big Dig. That turned the area into parkland with rock climbing and woodlands. And views of the Boston skyline. And scenes from “Gone, Baby, Gone.”



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