Landed in Denver, drove to Boulder, CO. Toured downtown’s Pearl St. pedestrian mall – many blocks of local art galleries, eateries, lots of public sculptures, all kinds of musicians with hats out. Very nice, friendly vibe. Not as “trippy” as Ithaca Commons, but similar. Lots of young families.

Then a tour of Naropa University – Buddhist-based, small school, Alan Ginsburg Library! From Naropa, on to Breckenridge. Over Loveland Pass, over 11,000 ft elevation. Hard to catch your breath due to the oxygen shortage at these heights. Hard to catch your breath because of the views!

Then Breckenridge. Amazing ski resort that just keeps coming, more roads, more luxury homes higher and higher up the mountain. Gondolas, ski lifts, massive ski-resort hotels, “oh wow” views – lots of snowcaps still. Downtown Breckenridge has a Riverwalk, alongside and with many pedestrian bridges over the roaring Blue River (small, but raging with snowmelt). Lots of little shops, upscale touristy.

Next day – on the road, over Hoosier Pass, along the Collegiate Mountains (all 14,000 footers), past Great Sand Dunes National Park, then on into northern New Mexico.


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