Bryce Canyon, July 29, 2011

A full day at Bryce Canyon. We started at Sunrise Point for a 4-mile loop, taking the Queen’s Garden trail down over 300 ft into the Canyon – sunny, hot, dry, parched dusty stream beds that are probably wet only with snowmelt. Dan took an 8-mile loop – ahh, youth. Trail signs at Bryce aren’t as helpful (or as frequent) as in Zion. Joined a ranger-led group as we approached the Queen Victoria hoodoo. It’s a odd top that looks like the Queen’s profile. But so many of the hoodoos have such bizarre shapes, it’s like looking at clouds.

We followed Queens Garden extension to Navajo Trail. At benches in the shade, we shared news of the Patriots deals for Haynesworth & Ocho with a teen wearing a Red Sox cap. The Nation, on vacation.

Navajo Trail climbs up over 500 feet to Sunset Point on the rim. You climb through a narrow slot canyon with orange-red walls so steep and tall, they call it Wall Street (lots of jokes about crashing) – you’re hemmed in by redrock skyscrapers, shady cool. And since it ascends 500 feet, the trail climbs up through switchbacks, zig-zagging your way up and up and up. And up. Lots of huffing, puffing, water  & gorp (good old raisins & peanuts, i.e trail mix).  A lot more people came down Wall Street than went up it.

After meeting up with Dan, we went back to the hotel to relax in the pool/do laundry. Too many kids, teens cannonballing, screaming, running amok. Laundromat was way more relaxing.

Drove the length of the Park road, stopped at most overlooks – more hoodoos. Dinner outside the park at Foster’s (great restaurant, plus simple quieter motel). Ordered pie to go, and brought dessert into the park to watch sunset at Inspiration Point.


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    […] down there, the formations (reminds me of giant versions of the “hoodoos” at Bryce Canyon) just keep coming, around each bend, there are more and more, and the cliff wall is carved out into […]

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