Escalante to St. George, UT, to Las Vegas – 8/1, 8/2

We headed out of Escalante, and stopped at Petrified Wood State Park – a hike up (and up) to the top of a mesa, where an ancient ocean had buried and mineralized old trees. So many chunks of petrified wood lying on the ground, so colorful, so weird.

From there, we went to Red Canyon to hike the Arches trail, seeing lots of red rock natural arches, with strange white stone caps that looked like frosting. We also lost the official trail and scrambled around the rocks a bit. We wander off-trail in Sharon, too.

The route to St. George, biggest city in southeast Utah, took us back through Zion National Park. While waiting to be waived through the tunnel, we left our hiking sticks by the side of the road, near the entrance to the Canyon Overlook Trail, the one we climbed on first entering Zion. We had found those sticks at the very beginning of the trip, up in Breckinridge, CO. Those sticks served us well; we hope other travelers enjoyed their support.

We arrived in St. George, listening to E Street Radio (next car has got to have satellite radio). Went to the movies – Cowboys & Aliens – just right for this trip.

Final morning, we drove the 2 hours to Vegas. Drove down the strip on our way to the airport.

What a trip. What a planet.


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