Lost in Stoughton – 9/18/11

Well, we didn’t plan to get lost. We planned to do a short local hike, then hit Crescent Ridge Dairy to bring ice cream home in time for the Patriots game. Headed over to West. St. in Stoughton for the Bird Conservation Land. Turned left to follow the orange blazes this time, along a nice level trail. A few leaves are starting to turn red, there are more mushrooms, and lots of granite boulders. We met a dad and son with a fishing pole – they’d been at the quarry, fishing for catfish, but didn’t catch anything. Quarry? in Stoughton? It’s a granite rimmed pond, with lots of little fish nibbling on bread. And the stone foundation of a building – house? quarry office? don’t know.

Instead of retracing our steps (in and back – boring!), we took the path on the left that looked like it headed towards the way back that we had bypassed on the way in. And the path kept going and going, but after that first turn, it never turned back towards West St. We passed some big ponds that, according the the GPS, were closer to Route 138 than West St. And we just couldn’t find a path leading to West. So we followed the GPS, and ended up on 138 across from Planet Fitness.

Called Sharon Taxi, which picked us up, with our hiking sticks, and drove us the few miles around the conservation land, back to the car. First time a cab has ever been part of our hike. $10, not counting tip! Most expensive hike ever, if you don’t count airfare and hotels to exotic lands. But the scenery was great, we got 2 hours in the woods instead of 1, and we made it home just after the Pats’ 1st touchdown – no ice cream, but we got the win!


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