Warner Trail, Norwood St. into Moose Hill Audubon, 11/27/11

With Ellen & Howard, we parked one car on Moose Hill Parkway, then drove around to Norwood St to begin hiking more of the Sharon section of the Warner Trail. Into the woods, crossed stone walls, under the power lines, explored a stone cellar foundation. The trail joins up with a lovely carriage path called Everett St., an unpaved public way with some gravel, but mostly leaf-litter. The path then meets up with the Vernal Pool Trail in the Moose Hill Audubon Sanctuary. When the Vernal Pool Trails turns back to the Moose Hill Visitor Center, we stayed with the Warner Trail’s white markers on the Kettle Trail. Crossed Moose Hill Parkway to continue on the trail. Long boardwalk over algae-coated swamp. Then up and up along the Hobbs Hill Loop Trail. After resting at the boulders, and without a Moose Hill map to know the route, we retraced our steps to the car. Two and a half hours, including the driving, on another too-warm-for-the-planet November day.


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