Charleston 1

1st full day in Charleston. Explored on our own, then took a carriage-ride tour with a tour guide as historic as the city. Fred Auld not only gave us the Charleston history, but the history of the Auld clan (including a founder of the freemasons). Followed that with the boat ride through Charleston Harbor to Fort Sumter, the site of the first shots in the Civil War. Poor Charleston – while Savannah was spared by Sherman, Charleston suffered one disaster after another. Many great fires (some churches we saw were the 4th or 5th on that spot), then shelled to smithereens by the Union troops. If it didn’t fall or burn in the war, it collapsed in the 1886 earthquake. They rebuilt, adding iron hurricane bolts you can still see to stabilize most buildings, keeping the historic charm. No building can be taller than the tallest church steeple, hence the nickname “Holy City.”  The view from the harbor is all steeples. Then came Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

For us, ribs for dinner, with 4 different sauces, at Sticky Fingers.


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