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Warner Trail into Foxboro – 1/29/12

It’s Send-the-Patriots-Off-to-the-Superbowl Sunday – (here’s hoping) – and we can hear the helicopters filming the stadium rally overhead.

Love the 2-car hikes! We left one car on Edwards Rd in Foxboro – no trail marker, look for piled logs blocking a trail. Parked the other on Walpole St and headed back onto the Warner Trail from where we’d left off last time.

Up to the summit of Pierce Hill (350 ft) where the view is a bit overgrown. Then it’s a steep rocky-ledge downhill to the woods road (Old Post Rd – used to be a major horse/carriage route). Then out onto Pine St, where we pass an amazing Underground House “labor of love” carved on a boulder. then onto  South Walpole St. Past cranberry bog, over 95N then under 95S. Finally back into the woods, very overgrown/hard to find. The trail winds through swamp, with sturdy bridges built by Scouts. Trail crosses Beach St., then back into the woods where it joins up with a gravel motor-bike trail with dips and jumps. A little ways further and we’re on Edwards, where we left a car. About 2 miles of hiking, for an  hour and a half. We’ve now completed the Sharon sections of the Warner Trail.

So grateful to the Friends of Warner Trail – for the combination of landscapes (woods, swamp, suburb, scenic road, highway overlook, bike trail, cranberry bog) linked into a trail, the excellently-detailed guidebook that even we can follow (mostly), the white metal blazes marking the trail just when we’re not sure of a turn. Grateful for a sunny January day in the 40s.


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Pennsylvania – mid-January, 2012

Weekend visit to family in PA. Spent a day at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, “ran” up the steps like Rocky, enjoyed a good amount of Impressionism and a Japanese Tea House, and got a few laughs at the Contemporary stuff. Striking, gritty photo exhibit by Zoe Strauss. And the Patriots won big! Followed up with frigid hike on the Perkiomen Trail, and an operatic concert at the Temple with the Cantor and her friends. Ride home – crazy, no-brake-lights 50 mph over the GW Bridge. That’s a once in a lifetime experience.

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Warner Trail, continued – 1/8/12

Tackled another little stretch of the Warner Trail, where it runs through Moose Hill Audubon Sanctuary. Parked one car on Walpole St., and the other at the Sanctuary parking lot. We’ve done the sections from down near the intersection of Moose Hill St. & Upland Road up the Kettle Trail to the Nature Center, and up the Summit Trail to the firetower, plus down the back from the tower over the Old Pasture trail to the Bluff Head Trail – did those sections many times, different times, long before we knew there was a Warner Trail and they were part of it. So we took the more direct route up to the Bluffs. Glorious January day, in the 50s! A little ice in the swamp along the boardwalk. Lots of folks hiking, a family or two sitting, enjoying the view from the Bluffs. Continued on some steep up & downs to Allens Ledge, with the stark remains of a chimney. From there, we continued on and turned left to follow the Warner Trail while the Audubon trail loops back to the right. Stone walls, a little stream, nice woodland path down, down, till we reached our car on Walpole St. Already planning the next route, across Walpole St. and up over Pierce Hill.

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Charleston Plantation

Last day in Charleston. Checked out of hotel and drove out to Middleton Place. It was a rice plantation, with a main house and two side houses. Only one side house remains, and you can tour that – the other two houses were badly burned in the Civil War, then crumbled to piles of bricks in the earthquake. Middleton Place has the first landscaped gardens in the U.S. Terraced lawn down to the river, “butterfly ponds,” rows and rows of camelias, plus statues hidden among the mazes of gardens. It’s also a living history museum, like Old Sturbridge Village, with costumed staff dipping candles, weaving, making pottery, blacksmithing, and more. Plus lots of animals. Then took the 2-hour drive back to the Savannah airport and home. Sh’lom, y’all.

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