Warner Trail into Foxboro – 1/29/12

It’s Send-the-Patriots-Off-to-the-Superbowl Sunday – (here’s hoping) – and we can hear the helicopters filming the stadium rally overhead.

Love the 2-car hikes! We left one car on Edwards Rd in Foxboro – no trail marker, look for piled logs blocking a trail. Parked the other on Walpole St and headed back onto the Warner Trail from where we’d left off last time.

Up to the summit of Pierce Hill (350 ft) where the view is a bit overgrown. Then it’s a steep rocky-ledge downhill to the woods road (Old Post Rd – used to be a major horse/carriage route). Then out onto Pine St, where we pass an amazing Underground House “labor of love” carved on a boulder. then onto  South Walpole St. Past cranberry bog, over 95N then under 95S. Finally back into the woods, very overgrown/hard to find. The trail winds through swamp, with sturdy bridges built by Scouts. Trail crosses Beach St., then back into the woods where it joins up with a gravel motor-bike trail with dips and jumps. A little ways further and we’re on Edwards, where we left a car. About 2 miles of hiking, for an  hour and a half. We’ve now completed the Sharon sections of the Warner Trail.

So grateful to the Friends of Warner Trail – for the combination of landscapes (woods, swamp, suburb, scenic road, highway overlook, bike trail, cranberry bog) linked into a trail, the excellently-detailed guidebook that even we can follow (mostly), the white metal blazes marking the trail just when we’re not sure of a turn. Grateful for a sunny January day in the 40s.


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