Thursday in St. Martin

Headed out for a morning hike, looking for a trail near Coralita Bay. Stopped at a roadside observation deck, with great views of a sail-boarder. Met a fellow who introduced us to some creatures – live black and white sea anemones! Continued driving down towards Oyster Bay – accosted by a young woman offering scratch tickets with prizes – we won the top prize of the day (maybe $1,000 and she would get a $200 bonus and could quit work early), BUT we’d have to sit through an hour time share pitch. We declined, so she was going to give the winning ticket to the next car she could stop!

After the excitement, we found our trail and hiked up through mud, goats, thorns to a nice view of Coralita Bay. Back to le Grand Blue for lunch, then went to the Butterfly Farm for a late afternoon visit. Followed that up with a stop at Le Galion Beach – nice bay protected by a coral reef, so very calm water, and you can walk out into the bay on a sandbar.

French dinner back in the village at Cote Plages – with a sample of pineapple gazpacho, ending with a shot of strawberry pureed rum (and the waiter left the bottle – silly garcon!)


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