Trustees of Reservations – Medfield and Dover 6/10/12

Perfect day to visit two Trustees of Reservations sites. Started at Medfield Rhododendrons, a spot protecting the largest and easternmost population of rosebay rhododendrons in Massachusetts – one of only 7 stands left. Just a tiny hike through private property to get to a fenced-in enclosure with a few spindly, sparsely-leaved rhododendrons. Because most plants/flowers bloomed early this Spring, we thought these rhodys might be blooming now – saw only one bud, and not yet ready to bloom. While this site wasn’t a great hike, it was a nice way to see the science of species-protection in action. The gate and fencing is designed to protect the plants from deer.

Still needed a good hike – drove less then 10 minutes to Chase Woodlands & Peters Reservation parking in Dover. Crossed Farm St. to the Peters Reservation section. VERY nice hike, a little up & down, a little muddy, narrow trails hemmed in by ferns (and poison ivy), to … the Charles River. Saw one couple canoeing by, flock of geese, heard then saw 3 deer scamper by on the trail. Other than those, we had the entire reservation to ourselves. Plus lots of bird sounds. Warm, sunny, perfect spot to picnic by the lazy river.


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