Boston HarborWalk, Fort Point Channel 6/23/12

So many hidden treasures, old and new, in Boston. We did a little exploring, to pass some time before dinner & Bonnie Raitt. From South Station, walked up Summer St, crossed Fort Point Channel, and walked down along the water to Congress St, Children’s Museum, and the new Tea Party Ship & Museum, opening Tuesday-free public opening ceremonies Monday night, by the way! Read the historic markers about the Great Boston Fire, the Tea Party, the shipping industry along the harbor. Also studied up on all the man-made land – Fort Point Hill was dug up and used to create the land for South Station and the rail yards.

Walked past Intercontinental Hotel – curvy, mirrored, outdoor dining, gardens – to the Independence Wharf office building. Saw a little sign for the 14th floor observation deck. Go around front (corner of Atlantic & Northern Ave.), the guard will buzz you in, and let you into the elevator. The observation deck is FREE, and offers fantastic views of Fort Point Channel and Southport area, the harbor, and on the other side – the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Wow!

Walked through a little section of Greenway – great gardens and sculpture – to dinner at Kingston Station. Then back along the HarborWalk to the Pavilion. What used to be a dark, don’t-walk-here-at-night warehouse area is now crowded with restaurants, new construction, and nightlife! Mavis Staples and Bonnie Raitt were great, of course.


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