To Quebec, Tuesday, 7/10/12

Last morning in Montreal, packed and drove east along Chemin du Roy (Road of the King, Route 138!) – oldest road in Canada, hugs the St. Lawrence, through old towns/villages, following a brochure that lists historic sites of note, like old buildings, churches, farms. Aaaggghh! Just realized I left my favorite hiking stick in the Montreal hotel! At least we’ll be heading to the woods where we can find another. Near Trois Rivieres we hunted for a sandwich shop (what, no Subway?). Finally found sandwiches to go at a bakery/coffee shop.

Left the Chemin du Roy to go north to Provincial Parc de la Mauricie for a hike around Les Cascades. The waterfall is a long, babbling flow over a wide rock-faced gradual slope. Perfect, sunny day, with lots of folks in bathing suits or shorts, picnicing on the rocks mid-cascade, wading through the pools. We walked down the edge of the cascade. Then drove through the rest of the Parc to the east entrance, stopped for scenic overlooks of the hills, lakes, forest, then back down to the highway and on to Quebec.

Arrived 6:00 pm, found our Hotel St. Paul, just outside the walls of the Old City. Settled in, then started exploring winding little streets, to Lower Town, the Old Port, Petit Champlain neighborhood. Light dinner – onion soup & baguette sandwiches. Streets so narrow, restaurants have to move the al fresco tables & diners so cars can pass. Listened to a tour guide/actor at the giant mural, watched street performers. Then over to the waterfront to watch The Image Mill (les Moulin a Images) – a video/sound show about Quebec projected on the huge row of silos at the port – the largest architectural projection in the world – impressive! 45 minute show, free, at 10:00 pm on summer nights.


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