Blue Hills Reservation 10/20/12

A new-to-us trail in the Blue Hills Reservation, off of Randolph St. Parking is next to Temple Beth David. Trail takes you down to a put-in on Ponkapoag Pond – saw kayakers and row boats, and folks with fishing gear. We then followed the green-dot trail where we saw cars and horses, plus lots of dog walkers. Followed the trail until we hit the signs for the AMC Cabins. That cabin trail skirts the east end of the Pond, and passes a little village of cabins. Each cabin has a screened porch, a picnic table, and BBQ grill. Great views of the pond from different cabins, all with the sound of the water lapping against the shore. I’m tempted to call AMC to learn about overnight camping there! Further on there are a couple of docks for boating, and for swimming, with more picnic tables. The trail then continues through woods, swampy areas, and comes close to Route 24. Lovely spot, busy on an Indian Summer day, but not too busy. Just right.


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