Boulder, CO – November 2012

Drove from Denver to Boulder, CO.  Drove up along Boulder Creek, starting to ice over. Then on up to Estes Park, where we saw the Stanley Hotel, which inspired Steven King’s The Shining.  From Estes, headed to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Trail Ridge Road is closed for the winter, but we were able to drive to a few spots with amazing views. Then headed up to Bear Lake and the trails up and up to Nymph Lake then Dream Lake.  Peaceful except for one angry man yelling at another visitor to “show respect.” What? Here? He should hush and respect the atmosphere!  Fewer hikers as we headed higher. Thin air, huffing and puffing, but every few steps brings a new angle, a new sight. Got a hug and a “thanks for bringing me” from #1 son. View upon view. Majestic. Miraculous. “How can you settle for hikes in Sharon after seeing places like this?” And before it turned dark, we headed back down. On the road back into Estes, a parting gift from the Park – an elk, grazing by the side of the road.


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    milkandbun said,

    Amazing pics of nature!

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