Petrified Forest National Park, AZ

Near Holbrook AZ, we found Petrified Forest National Park. We started at the Painted Desert (north) side, with lots of overlooks into multicolored desert vistas. The park road then winds south, over I-40, into a massive area just covered with logs of brightly-colored petrified wood.  Long logs, broken into slabs, still in line like a ship’s mast. Mounds of petrified wood rocks.  Fields just scattered with hundreds of stumps of petrified wood. Last summer we were impressed by Utah’s Petrified Forest State Park, which had maybe 20 big chunks of petrified wood, and a long climb to see a few. In the National Park, you drive to a parking lot and walk a dozen steps to view a sea of petrified wood. Plus the Rainbow Forest Museum. Amazing.

San Francisco Range, AZ

colors on the road

Petrified Forest National Park

painted desert

more colors




Agate Bridge (shored up by cement in the 50s)

petrified log

in the forest

more moon


blue teepee


balancing log




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