Sedona – Cathedral Rock, Trolley, Sunset

Now we’re in the heart of Sedona. Started the morning with our in-room breakfast buffet (coffee, peanut butter & banana sandwiches, cheese, crackers, hummus – there’s a supermarket in the hotel’s backyard). Then it was off to a highly recommended trail to Cathedral Rock. We parked at the trailhead, began the hike along Baldwin Trail, then onto Templeton Trail which skirts Oak Creek for a while. On the opposite shore we saw dozens of rock cairns folks had built  on the land, in the water – an oddly beautiful sight.  That area is one of 4 vortexes, which are believed to be hotspots of natural/spiritual energy. The vortex culture is part of what draws folks to Sedona – and there’s a whole industry of metaphysical, spiritual healing & enlightenment, aura-reading, meditation, psychics, and much more.

After the trail leaves the creek, it continues on through a series of switchbacks, climbing higher and higher, till we’re out of the woods and onto exposed red rock. The trail eventually meets up with the Cathedral Rock trail, a steep scramble up to or near the summit of Cathedral Rock. We’d already been hiking a while, so we followed the wire-basket trail-marking cairns up just a few more switchbacks, sat to enjoy the views, chatted with a couple from Scotland, then retraced our steps back to the car – about a 3-hour hike total. Stopping to gawk and “oh, wow!” at the views takes up time!

In the afternoon, we took the Sedona Trolley tour. Our guide was a fellow who had retired to Sedona about 5 years ago, in his 50s, and just loves telling the history and geology of the place. Finally, with his directions, we drove up to the Sedona Airport, atop a mesa, to watch the sunset and get the widest view of the Sedona landscape. Lots of people gather for sunset there, and just a short way below the airport at another Vortex area. We also caught another moonrise on the clear cloudless night.


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