Sedona – Boynton Spire

Morning hike to Boynton Spire, another vortex area, another climb with amazing views. Met a local character named Robert who retired to Sedona in his 50s a few years ago. Now he hikes Boynton every morning, handing out heart-shaped red rocks – either naturally-shaped, or carved with his help. He enjoyed explaining the importance and spirituality of the place, and Ralph enjoyed asking him questions so they hiked on and talked ahead while I kept a slower pace to enjoy the quiet scenery. We eventually reached a ledge just below the summit, and sat for snacks and view while Robert continued up.

Suddenly, the sound of a flute starts floating over the red rocks – and there, perched on the summit, is Robert playing the flute. For about 30 solid minutes. At first the sound added to the other-wordly ethereal quality of the space, enhancing the aura of the vortex. But after a while, the flute became too much – disrupting the natural peace with a man-made soundtrack. We waited him out, and finally enjoyed more quiet scenery. Well-intentioned fellow who loves the area, and wants to share what he finds so special about Sedona. I appreciate the introduction to the area, but perhaps each of us needs to find our own personal connection to the place. Your path may not be my path, but each has its own meaning and validity. Hike on, traveler, to your own inner sound-track.


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    Daniel said,

    Michaela says my creative writing ability runs in our family. Nice story, and amazing pictures. Hike on indeed.

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