Sedona – Pink Jeep ride on Broken Arrow Trail

After Boynton Spire, we picked up salads for lunch, then went back up to Long Canyon, and hiked in a little ways to sit on the rocks of a dry creek for a picnic – avocado ranch dressing, yum! Then back to town for our Pink Jeep tour. We had thought the reason to take a jeep tour was for the fun of the wild jeep ride – but, duh, the jeep got us way out into backcountry that we just didn’t have the stamina (or hours) to hike to on our own. We did see hikers, and mountain bikers, out there – but we appreciated the chauffeured trip! And as for the “fun” of the ride? I’m already nervous riding on the twists and turns of Boston’s Jamaicaway, so the jeep’s wild sharp turns, and steep climbs and plummets, had my knuckles bright white clinging to the grab bars. And my eyes closed tight for good chunks of the ride. But once we stopped, the views were spectacular. But the plunge down “Devil’s Staircase” felt nearly vertical – I could only look back at where we’d been. I just could not look forward to see how steep the dive ahead of us was. We were out on the jeep for a good two hours – well worth it to get to a hard-to-reach beautiful spot. We returned to town just in time for the “golden hour” of late afternoon sunlight, making the red rocks glow almost neon orange.

Followed that up with dinner at the historic Cowboy Club restaurant, and topped an amazing day with a visit to Sedona’s best ice cream shop.


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