Franklin and Eleanor day, 3/16/13

Saturday we started with a great breakfast, of course, at the B&B – melon balls in a maceration of homemade honey & fresh lime, scones, muffins, homemade boursin-cheese stuffed omelets,  blueberry juice, roasted tomatoes. Too much food – our hosts wrapped the muffins for our day out.

Then it was all Roosevelt, all day. Started at the FDR Presidential Library & Museum. We begin with a mosaic map of the area in the visitor center, then walk to FDR’s home Springwood on the grounds – birthplace, and final resting place. FDR had a big corner room, lots of windows. Eleanor’s room was a little closet with a small twin bed, adjoining FDR’s. His mother had the big corner room on the other side of Eleanor. No wonder Eleanor never felt at home there, sharing a wall with her mother-in-law. And the bed looked too short for 5’11” tall Eleanor – the tallest first lady ever, a record now shared with Michelle Obama.  After the home, we saw the museum which is under reconstruction. Only a few rooms were open, but it had a great exhibit of photos.

From there we drove to Val-Kill, the home and workshop Franklin & Eleanor built for her and her friends – where she did feel at  home. We hiked up to to Top Cottage, closed due to the sequester cuts, but with a beautiful view to the Hudson. Then raced down for the tour of Val-Kill, by the same park ranger who gave us the morning tour of FDR’s home – one ranger, running between National Park sites, due to sequester cuts. FDR would be aghast at the notion of laying people off to improve the economy.

So impressed with Eleanor and Franklin – remarkable groundbreaking leaders.

We followed up with a little hike along the Hudson at the historic Hype Park train station, the boys relaxed in the spa as snowflakes floated down, then an ok dinner at a brewery.


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    Nancy said,

    Wow, Janice, you really know how to capture it all! Nice job with all the details, I can use this instead of my actual memory. Till the next journey, Nancy

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