Mt. Rainier – 7/1/13

Day 2 – exploring the sights along the south road at Mt. Rainier. Early morning to Reflection Lake, where, if the sky is clear and the water calm, you get the iconic mountain-and-mirror-image view. Ripples on the lake add nice texture, but it’s no mirror.

IMG_2952  IMG_2951

IMG_2951  IMG_2949

Past Sunbeam Creek’s little waterfall as it crosses under the road:

IMG_2954 IMG_2953 IMG_2955 IMG_2956

To Box Canyon, a slot canyon where the river has dug straight down and carved out a narrow channel through what are now high cliffs – very different from the dry, red rock slot canyons of Utah:

IMG_2957  IMG_2958

IMG_2959     IMG_2961

meadow, flowers around the slot

meadow, flowers around the slot


looking straight down into the slot

looking straight down into the slot

IMG_2965  IMG_2966  IMG_2968   IMG_2967  IMG_2969  IMG_2970 IMG_2971  IMG_2973  IMG_2972

We then headed to the Grove of the Patriarchs, along the turquoise Ohanapecosh River (no glacial flour clouding it up). A lovely hike in the woods, beside the water, and then you get to a little suspension footbridge to cross the river – bouncy, like in Temple of Doom, and only slightly scary. The bridge brings us to an “old growth” forest 1,000 years old (the last destructive fire), where Douglas Fir, Hemlock, and Cedar trees climb to nearly 300 ft. tall.  Even fallen trees, on their sides, tower over us.

IMG_2975  IMG_2974 IMG_2976    IMG_2977 IMG_2978 

IMG_2980 IMG_2981 IMG_2982    IMG_2983 IMG_2984

towering roots

towering roots

the Twin Douglas Firs

the Twin Douglas Firs


Near the southeast corner & entrance to the park is Silver Falls trail. Beautiful, roaringly loud falls made a great lunch spot.

IMG_2989  IMG_2990 IMG_2991  IMG_2992 IMG_2993  IMG_2994 IMG_2995  IMG_2996 IMG_2997 Peanut butter, banana, jelly, and waterfall. Then calamity – camera in a puddle, dead. Aaaaaaghhhh!!!!!

We hiked out the falls loop to the road, then headed to Paradise (how could I complain?)! you drive up, up, to the Paradise Lodge and alpine meadow, which was almost entirely snow-covered on July 1st. The snow is melting so fast that the stairs from the lodge up to the trailheads become rushing waterfalls. We hiked up the snowfields about a 1/2 mile – that’s hard work to keep from slipping – and sat on a rock for a rest before turning back down to trudge and slip through the snow. About 10,000 people a year try to climb 14,410 ft Rainier, and 60% make it. Not me! But Paradise is the closest I’ve been to glaciers.

These photos are from the disposable film camera I bought in the Paradise Visitor Center:

93700001   9370000393700002    93700004 93700005   93700006 93700007  93700008

More views on the way out. I just learned that Rainier towers 1.5 miles above the next nearest peak, and nearly 3 miles higher than the lowlands to the west i.e. Seattle! Final stops of the day were at Narada Falls, just a short walk from a parking lot, and Christine Falls, best viewed with the bridge over it.

IMG_20130701_121827  IMG_20130701_121846 IMG_20130701_155123     IMG_20130701_161609

[click each image to show full-size]


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