Deception Pass State Park, Whidbey Island, 7/5/13

Day trip to Deception Pass – the most-visited state park in WA, on Whidbey Island  – explored by/named for Joseph Whidbey, on George Vancouver’s 1790 expedition.  The pass, a narrow, rocky, treacherous waterway between Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands was missed by the expedition, making them think the island was a peninsula – hence “Deception.”  We drove over, then walked over the twin bridges – swirling water below. There was a story about the cantankerous ferry woman, who ran a private ferry across the pass. Ring the bell, and she’d come over to ferry you across. She fought the building of the bridges for years, even got the Governor to veto the law funding construction (passed unanimously! by the legislature), until the bridges were finally built in 1935.

Then hiked in the park, through woods, along rocky North Beach, looking up at the bridges, to the amphitheater, to the fishing, swimming groups at West Point beach.

Left Deception and headed down to Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve – beach at the foot of cliffs, with historic farmland above.

From Ebey we drove to Clinton, and took the ferry over to Mukilteo. Dinner at a local Greek restaurant near our hotel in Seattle – pita and dips, kabobs, etc, then a visit with family in Kirkwood, overlooking Lake Washington.


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