Cape Flattery to Lake Crescent, 7/9/13

Took the loooong road from Forks to Cape Flattery, the northwesternmost point on the continental US. The hike to the point goes through tall forest, over creative boardwalks. I expected the country to end at a quiet Pacific beach, but it’s a dramatic land/seascape of cliffs high over the Pacific. Waves crash and carve caves into the cliffs. Starfish thrive in the tidepools. Sea lions frolic off the point. Tattoosh Island and the Cape Flattery Lighthouse are just off the coast.

This corner of the country is on the Makah Indian Reservation. While the rest of the gang headed to Hurricane Ridge, we stopped at the Makah Museum.¬† I obeyed the “no photos” signs, but what a treasure! The museum houses 300-500 year old artifacts from the ancient Makah fishing village of Ozette, which was buried in a “great slide” around 1500 AD! A storm in 1969 eroded the shoreline to reveal hundreds of perfectly-preserved wooden artifacts, equivalent to the Makah’s Pompei. Archeologists developed new techniques (salt-water based) to uncover the remains of the village, including long-houses, blankets, pottery, tools, art, canoes, and so much more. The Museum houses the artifacts and displays a reconstructed long-house, canoes, and more. They had 8-man whaling canoes, and big needles their whalers used to sew shut the mouths of whales they caught – so the whale catch wouldn’t fill with water and sink before it could be brought ashore! Fascinating!

We drove south to Hobuck Beach, looking for the trail to ShiShi Beach, but the hike was longer than we wanted. Beautiful sandy, scenic (of course) beach.

Back in the car to Lake Crescent, crystal clear deep blue water. Parked at the historic Lodge, and took the easy hike to Marymere Falls, under the road, through the woods, over 3 wooden bridges and up wooden stairways to the falls. sweet! Then it’s off to Port Angeles.


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