Port Angeles, Hurricane Ridge

Started the day with a stroll around the harbor and nature center in Port Angeles, with sculptures of sea creatures. Then drove west to Salt Creek Park for the tide pools – nice spot, but the rocks were carpeted in mussels. It feels wrong to walk on/crush a slew of mussels to hunt for/appreciate other sea life. And there were way more starfish and anemones at Fourth Beach, anyway.

Next stop – Hurricane Ridge. Stopped at the Visitor Center at the bottom – found perfect T-shirt, great trail advice, and this quote inspired by Chief Seattle:

If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts soon happens to man. All things are connected.

Then drive, drive, drive up the park road (about 17 miles) with switchbacks and views to reach the upper visitor center, with restored/recreated original furniture, and a deer checking out the visitors. The view south to the snowcapped Olympic peaks is spectacular. So we hike along the ridge up to the summit of Hurricane Hill (I found my thrill….), a little over 3 miles round trip, 5757 ft elevation. Sharing the trail with nonchalant deer and fellow hikers, wildflowers, and sharp sun/cloud line. Our friends who hiked Hurricane the day before (12 mile round trip hikers!) had raved about the mountain views south coupled with the Port Angeles and Vancouver Island views north. Our clouds completely hid the north view – wall of white, no harbor, no Canada. The viewpoint marker, mapping out the points of interest on the north felt like a taunt! And we felt a little cheated because we got only half the potential view – ridiculous! Our cup already runneth over with infinite beauty, and we want infinity-squared!? So we get more deer, a rainbow of wildflowers, and a marmot with a mouthful of grass – feathering his nest? Dayenu!

Yummy dinner with nice salad bar at the Bushwacker restaurant, with a new drink recipe – Toasted Almond (Kahlua, Amaretto, & cream!)

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    mithriluna said,

    Beautiful images! My husband and I visited Hurricane Ridge ten years ago. Thank you for the road down memory lane.

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