Seattle – Glass and Gone, July 13, 2013

Final day in Seattle. Checked out and drove to the Seattle Center for a last look at the Space Needle, and a visit to the Chihuly Garden and Glass. First day in WA, we visited the Chihuly Bridge in Tacoma, so we’re bookending the trip with Chihuly. Beautiful museum, starting with woven Native baskets, then Chihuly’s glass baskets, in which he first tried blowing droopy non-symetrical glass. One wall in the basket room displays framed photographic portraits of Native Americans – turns out they were taken by Edward Curtis in the early 1900s. Then room after room, plus garden, full of Chihuly’s colorful glass sculptures, chandeliers, and sketches. Check out the photo of the couple taking a photo of a little stuffed bunny in front of the magenta glass chunks in the garden.

Dilemma – where in the city should we leave our hiking sticks, found at Mt. Rainier National Park, and used for two full-of-wonder weeks? Not much hiking in the city. So, we made our final pilgrimage back to tiny Kerry Park, with that ridiculous view of Seattle backed by an ethereal Mt. Rainier. We left the sticks against the fence, so they could see their birthplace. Within moments, a little girl skipped by, stopped, and grabbed a stick for her journey.

[you can click any photo to enlarge it]


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