Prowling the Bluffs – 10/16/13

Wanted an end-of-foliage hike to see the waning colors. Nearby, with a view? Bluff Head Trail at Moose Hill Audubon Sanctuary, of course. Beautiful crisp, cool day. Late afternoon and the trails are nearly empty – only one other hiker, and she was on her cell phone! In Sharon! With a signal?!

New boardwalk and bench at the entrance to the trail, coming through the field which is now mowed clear. Up past the cistern, then turned right onto the Turkey Trail to come the long way around to the Bluffs. Reached the old stone chimney overlook first, after a good 1/2 hour of up and down. Then the main section of the Bluffs, with the view to Gillette Stadium (Go Pats!). Great view, mostly greens and browns – “Awe-Some” – must have been channeling Dan at one of his favorite haunts ‘cuz my brain went from “Awesome” to Phish’s “Possum, Possum, Possum!”

As we hiked down, we wondered why we hadn’t seen any paperbag luminaria that they used to set up for the Halloween Prowl. Must have been the previous weekend. But as we reached the field, there were volunteers setting up new wooden luminaria. Glowing lights from the Billings Barn in the late afternoon almost-sunset – pumpkin city!

And then the first crowds of families started arriving – with mini batman, iron man, princesses galore. So much fun – and so glad we used to take the boys to the Prowl, back in the day. And so glad Moose Hill still offers it. Happy Halloween.


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