Nashville Sunday – History/Govt – 3/30/14

3:30 am wake-up call so we could catch our 6:00 am 1st flight of the day. Check out of hotel, leave our hiking sticks, and say goodbye to the Nashville skyline with the Batman building. [click on any photo to view fullsize]

Get to the airport and learn the flight has a 2-hour delay – just long enough to miss the connecting flight home. Standing in long lines, all while enjoying long waits on the phone, to find out there are no seats left on any flights to Boston (without paying an extra $1,000). Finally got to the US Air counter, and got booked on flights home Monday. Plus a free night in The Preston, a quirky boutique hotel near the airport – with free shuttle back to airport, where we took the local bus back into downtown.

Get over the travel aggravation and realize it’s a Bonus Day! What to do/see?  Walked around the government buildings area – with a war memorial plaza featuring statues and plaques commemorating Korean and Vietnam wars, and the War Memorial Auditorium with plaques honoring those who died in WWI.

Just around the corner is the Tennessee State Museum – what a treat! It starts with prehistoric fossils, and goes in depth about the different native peoples and their communities and practices. So much to see, read, learn – we ended up moving quickly through European colonization, and the pre-Civil War era. Then had to race through the Civil War, and post-war to modern history. We could have spent a couple of days there – great museum.

Finished up the long day with a stroll through Printers Alley – historic speakeasies, red-light district, and the original nightlife center. Then finally made it to Tootsies for some hollerin and swollerin. BBQ at  Jack’s again, and shared a table with a Jersey songwriter/sound-system designer.

Back to the Preston  – and its Spiritual Menu. Namaste, et al.



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