Boulder 2 – Bike Path and music 5/9/14

I spent the am in bed with my usual Boulder Blues – altitude sickness! And I spent a week prepping, downing daily Ginko supplements, carb-loading, and copious water on arrival. Not as bad as last time’s 2-day malady, so the prep helped some. Oh well, I guess I just need to spend more time in CO.

Finally up and about mid-afternoon, taking it slow. We walked from the hotel a short ways to the Bear Creek Bike Path. Boulder is crazy accommodating to bicyclists. They’ve got a massive web of paved bike paths, with underpasses under every road. The bike paths have on-and-off ramps to get you up onto the streets if that’s where you need to go, but you can bike for miles without having to deal with cars.

And from everywhere, you see the Flatirons. This little pool along the Creek drew dogs (and their humans). One dogwalker told us that these sandbars in this pool were created by the September floods – the pool used to be deeper and wider, but the floodwaters carried and dropped all this dirt and sand here, changing the shape of the pool where their dogs always swam.

Went to  Laughing Goat coffee bar on Pearl St. for some live music and dessert at night, a jazzy guitar duo followed by Pretend Sweethearts – guitar, keyboard, pedal steel, and a very Boulder vibe – they’re “on a mission to bring loving kindness to people in need, encourage solidarity and unity of all peoples of the world, harmony to all beings and of course play you some great music.”  Sweet harmonies indeed.

The Boulder music scene is a wee bit different from Nashville’s — gluten-free and no “holler and swaller.”

Double-click a photo for full-size.

IMG_4497 IMG_4498 IMG_4499


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    Drew de Man said,

    Hey – thanks for posting some pics of us and saying some stuff. We had a great time that night.

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