Boulder Museums – May snow

What to do on a snowy day in May in Boulder? Museums! Started with the University of Colorado Natural History Museum. Interesting exhibit on biodiversity, and how one gene, activated at the right time, can turn the vision-cells into a fly’s multi-lens eye or a whale’s giant eyeball, or even your baby-blues. Plus lots of dinosaur fossils, and native beaded moccasins.

Then we went to the Celestial Seasonings Factory Tour – amazing how an enterprise that 3 hippies started in the 70s has grown into a world-wide product. The tour is fun and fragrant. Did you know that the mint leaves have to be locked in a room with double-thick cement walls? The mint is so strong that it will turn all the tea minty if it’s not sealed off. The mint room almost makes your eyes tear. Plus history of the package designs, with artwork commissioned from local artists. Sleepy Time is the top seller. The tour includes a chance to sample every tea flavor. So from there we went to the Dushanbe Tea House just to see the intricate architecture and designs of the Tea House, a gift from Boulder’s sister-city of Dushanbe in Tajikistan. It houses a lovely, pricey restaurant, with a rose garden on the grounds.

Right next door is the Contemporary Art Museum, small, with computer-assisted displays. One “artwork” flashed words on a wall – the words were the search queries happening on google worldwide as we watched – humans are not googling the most noble and uplifting of ideas. Yes, not a family-friendly exhibit. I like the marker held by wire which dotted across a canvas, creating the artwork as you watch – pointillism in action, minus the artist of course. Plus colored lighted ever-moving patterns.

IMG_4570 IMG_4571 IMG_4572 IMG_4573

Then out into the snow and Boulder Creek, and a sickly-looking squirrel. The Flood Marker is a frightening reminder of how dangerous water can be, and how urban-planning that accounts for the dangers can reduce damage while creating beautiful parks and public areas.

Finally, heading home – snow on the runway and the mountains.



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