Memorial Day – Fuller Craft Museum

Visited the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton. Wonderful exhibit called The Stories We Tell, with the artworks all created in wood – intricate carvings and structures, some with additional materials – amazing stuff. Michelle Holzapfel carves wood until it looks like linen, or a woven basket. And Binh Pho’s designs incorporate glass, acrylic, and painting into his intricately carved vessels. Plus it was a beautiful day for Mom to rest at a picnic table between the fountain and the pond.

This exhibit closes June 15 – well worth the visit!

After greeting the face in the ground, we started upstairs with kinetic/moving sculpture:

Then downstairs to the wood. First are Tommy Simpson’s wooden sculptures of nature, complete with letters of thanks and admiration to the natural elements that he models his work after – wind, rain, sunshine, moonlight, etc. Then a rest in nature. Click to enlarge each photo – it’s worth the effort!

Binh Pho’s work is based on his book Shadow of the Turning, uniting art, myth, and philosophy – and beauty. Click each to ENLARGE and see his amazing detail:

Finally, a few of Holzapfel’s carvings – including a looks-good-enough-to-eat wooden birthday cake:


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