Massapoag Trail, June 8 – bobcat weekend

Ralph had volunteered with the Sharon Friends of Conservation to help build a new boardwalk over a swampy area of the Massapoag trail. So we went to see his handiwork.  Stopped at Ames St. Playground first – lots of new equipment and climbing structures since we volunteered with the Friends of the Playground decades ago! Nice marker explaining the Trail by Knifeshop Pond next to the playground , same marker across the street at our Trail entrance, on Cottage at corner of Ames.

Click any photos to enlarge.

Nice little trail, along the rushing Massapoag Brook, with interesting trees and supports for the Eruv (the line marking the boundaries of the “home” within which the Orthodox can carry on Shabbat without violating commandments). And here’s the new bridge, replacing rope-tied logs over the swampy areas.

The trail keeps going, behind Cottage Street School – I used to lead the 4th grade kids here during different seasons as part of the ELF (Environmental Learning something) program. You can take the Upper Trail, closer to the school, or the Lower trail. We took the lower, skirting the side of Mann’s Pond. Then crossed over the dam into the Loop lower section of the trail, down along Billings Street, with more wooden bridge crossings over the Brook.

After taking the Loop Trail down below the dam, we returned towards the parking lot where a too-nicely-dressed-for-a-hike man approached us – maybe for directions? No, he was a reporter with Fox 25 “News” and wanted to talk to us about the bobcat sighting. I was interviewed – he tried to make me be alarmist. “Why do you think there’s a bobcat in Sharon?” Me- “because it’s naturally beautiful – who wouldn’t want to be here!” “Are you concerned about wild animals in the neighborhood?” Me- “no, it was their neighborhood first before we started developing it.” Then the cameraman followed us down the trail to catch scenes of us hiking with our walking sticks. Made the 10:00 pm news, but we missed it. Here’s the 6:oo pm news which they posted online.

Then, off to the Sharon Historical Society parking lot for a Classic Car Show. Great day in our great little town. Bobcats, Fox, and all.


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