Wildwood Crest, NJ – June 2014

Delightful long weekend – left downtown Boston at noon Thursday, straight onto the Mass. Turnpike, through CT. Followed the GPS’s scenic route on the Hutchinson River Parkway, Saw Mill River Pkwy, Henry Hudson Pkwy, over the George Washington Bridge to the  Garden State Parkway, all the way down Jersey to Wildwood Crest.  About 7 hours, including a stop or two. Not bad.

Arrived in foggy, quiet Wildwood Crest, the southernmost of the 3 Wildwoods. Big boardwalk, huge flat beach, hundreds of yards of sand to get to the edge of the ocean. Up on the Boardwalk in Wildwood, we could see the pier with a roller-coaster. But this area was pretty quiet. Cool and foggy, not exactly a beach day. Wildwood architecture is in the “Doo Wop” style (no, really), the name they gave to 1950’s art deco with plastic-palm-tree space-age kitsch. Wanted to learn more about it, but the Doo Wop Museum wasn’t open weekdays yet. Town seemed pretty dead, no restaurants nearby. And the parking meter system is cash-only unless you pre-registered for pay-by-phone. Finally saw a diner on the corner, hoped they’d have a parking lot – nope. Scrounged a few quarters. Diner – what could be bad? Everything! Oh, well. But we stayed in the Acacia, lovely little on-the-beach resort, with a full suite, mini-kitchen, living room, dining table. Great vacation spot for a family. Took an eerie nighttime walk on the foggy beach, with all the hotels glowing in the misty view from the sand. Left early the next morning for the short drive to Cape May.



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