Madrid – Reina Sofia Museum 12/7/14

Monday morning, we strolled to the Museo Reina Sofia (Museum named for queen Sofia). A few sights along the way, including the memorial to the victims of the 1977 neo-fascist massacre near the Atocha train station (click a photo to enlarge):

Reina Sofia is a beautiful old building, with modern glass elevators outside. It houses an impressive collection of 20th century mostly Spanish art. But when the local artists are Picasso, Dali, Miro, you’ve got quite a collection. The centerpiece is Picasso’s Guernica – a black & white depiction of the horror of this first-ever deliberate air-attack on a civilian town, conducted by the Nazis in 1937 at the request of General Franco. I’d seen the painting decades ago  in NYC’s MoMA, but now, knowing more of the history of the Basque town, and that Picasso insisted that the painting not set foot in Spain until democracy returned (1981), it was so moving and powerful. The screaming horse, the severed arm holding a broken sword, the Madonna and dead child….


from the internet – no photos allowed in the museum

Lots of other neat art in the Reina Sofia. Even the windows begin to look surreal.




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