Madrid – Monday PM 12/8/14

Needed a little green after the morning in Reina Sofia, so headed over to the Royal Botanical Garden – a terraced garden on Paseo del Prado since 1774, created by King Carlos III – dubbed “Best Mayor of Madrid” for all the improvements to the city. Some of the trees and plants are over 200 years old! Lovely, refreshing spot even in December, with fountains, benches, statues, and tropical greenhouses. It’s an active research and conservation facility.

Waiting for the Prado’s free evening hours to begin, so we stopped at a little cafe for tapas on nearby Plaza Plateria de Martinez- hummus & bread crisps! Plus the best sangria I’ve ever had, with a touch of cinnamon! I think it was La Taperia – wish I’d taken a photo. And gotten the recipe.

On to the Prado – another gift to Madrid from Carlos III. Even the statues honoring virtues in niches on the outside of the building are lovely. Started in a rotunda of statues, then on to Raphael and Fra Angelico’s Annunciation. Look, a copy of the Mona Lisa! Just found a neat theory that this copy and the original were painted simultaneously, from slightly different angles, to create a 3-D image!

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Ah, too bad, due to a “bank holiday,” the Prado was open for only 1 hour on this free night. We’ll get the rest of it the next day. That means time for food, vino! Ate at La Brasas de Vulcano – decorated like Pompeii. They started us off with something that sounded like Russian patatas – ah, potato salad! Plus a pitcher of sangria, garden salad, gambas, paella. Tasty, friendly, good find.


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