Canoe River, Sharon – 5/23/15

We finally found it! Canoe River, from the King Philip’s Cave area, off Mansfield St. The map is hard to follow, since the numbered sites on the map don’t correspond to signage on the trails. But we went through The Meadow, up past the Cave off to our left, and tried following the yellow trail, which starts with nice metal arrow markers, and good painted signs to the Rock or Cave. Then the blazes degrade to yellow paint splashes, old and faded. And the signs become even older, rustic. And what on earth is Sparky’s Mark Point?! We’ll have to follow that one day.

It was one of those rare hikes in which every turn we took was the right one — no back-tracking, no ending up a mile from where we expected. And it’s actually a real little river, flowing fast through a narrow channel at this point – and big enough to require a wooden bridge over it. Still not positive if we were at point #18 on the map, where the bridge crosses Canoe River to the left of Greeley Pond (which we never saw) or at point #21 to the right of the pond. We think #18.

The woods are lush with ferns and pines. Other than a party at a house on Mansfield, we never saw another human. Heard lots of birds though. And the final gift on our way out – a pink Lady Slipper.



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