North to St. John, New Brunswick

Left Boston at 4:00, reached Ellsworth, ME at 9:30 pm. Stayed in Twilight Motel, quaint little spot with a lovely couple managing it. He even knew folks from Sharon. Continental breakfast included.


our room at Twilight Motel


motel office and breakfast patio

Crossed the border to Campobello Island and the International Park with FDR‘s summer “cottage,” where he sailed, swam, hiked, held picnics and contracted polio. Attended “Tea with Eleanor” in a neighboring cottage, where the guides served tea and cookies while telling stories from Eleanor Roosevelt’s long and impressive life championing the rights of the little guy (or gal). But they did employ servants, who worked awfully hard in this 30+ room cottage without electricity. Loved the pot-bellied stove for heating multiple irons at a time.

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Then back into Maine, then back on the road to Calais, cross the border back into Canada. More lighthouses along the way. Double-click any photo to see full-size.

Driving in Canada, switched to Kilometers per hour – scary at first:


driving fast!

Finally in St. John. Our HoJo’s hotel included harbor view, pool, full service breakfast, and was short walk from this red-paved HarborWalk that takes you under the highway ramps into downtown Market Square where many of the buildings are connected by bridges/escalators, which was convenient during a rainy spell.

Dinner at Steamers’ Restaurant – fried scallops, clams, across from stone km markers.

We were there during the Buskers’ Festival, featuring dozens of street performers including a Houdini in chains on a ladder, and a juggling, fire-playing contortionist. Plus bumper boats!

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Walked back to the hotel for a swim and jacuzzi, and came upon this road sign. What does it mean? Bicyclists Riding Over Children and College Graduates? Why?



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