To Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

Finally beginning to understand what they mean when they say the Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world. We drove from St. John to the Bay of Fundy scenic Parkway, via St. Martins where we found this lovely covered bridge at low tide. The boats are sitting on the sand next to the docks. When we drove back through as the tide was rising, the boats where floating at least 5 feet higher.


low tide




This area had piles of lobster traps and anchors, and a narrow outlet to the Bay. At low tide, it looks like boats are just piled on sand, with no way out of dry-dock, the docks sit high above the boats.

Scenic spots along that Fundy Trail Parkway. Sea caves, carved in the cliffs, visible only at low tide.

A suspension bridge over the Salmon River,

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and a cable stair/ladder to view Fuller Falls.

Finally, we reach Alma, the tiny town just outside the National Park, at high tide.

view towards dock

view towards dock

view north

view north

Here are those same views at low tide:


view towards dock



view north

Since it was foggy, we decided to sight-see by car instead of hiking. Headed north and around the bay to see the lighthouse at Cape Enrage. Lucked out to get there for the few minutes that they allowed visitors onto the lighthouse – the foghorn is automated, based on fog-sensors, and the blasts at 160 decibels can damage eardrums. Foggy, but no foghorn. They closed it again right after we climbed down.

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Finally back to Alma, for dinner and a walk on the bay’s floor. At low tide, you can walk out almost a mile on bay floor before reaching the water. doubleclick any photo to enlarge.



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